Explore some of my projects and hobbies.

Video Art

I am a video artist / video jockey (VJ) for live events.


I shoot both digital, and film to make art or document events.


Check out some of my code, and security projects over at GitHub.

Video Art

VJ LithoChasm / Digital Glitch Art

I am currently the resident VJ for Alchemy, Albuquerques' weekly Industrial / EBM / Goth night at Effex Nightclub. I was introduced to VJ'ing years ago by Mediapathic who inspired me to create video art.

I mix sampled video clips from SciFi, Horror, and other various dark / classic films with glitch / 3D animations. I also use Quartz Composer to make custom sound reactive clips to display with my visuals.


I first really got into photography around 15 years ago shooting and developing film with a Ricoh KRII, and then a Nikon F2. I later switched to digital and now shoot a Canon 6D. I also have a Poloroid 103 for my retro instant film fix. Check out my past portfolio.

Cnidarium Photography

I currently work with my partner in crime Cnidarium to shoot photos these days. We have collabrated on Fashion, Fine Art, Events, and Cosplay photos. Check out her site for her work, and some of my more recent photos.

More of my work

Other Work

Code and Music


I work in the field of Network Security and in my free time I write some scripts and apps to help with security and network tasks.


I enjoy collecting and fixing hardware synthesisers, and Eurorack modular synths. I lately have been getting into VST's and other computer based synths. I mainly do sound design these days but have made some ambient electronic music in the past.